Advertising for Plumbers

If you’re considering advertising for plumbers, did you know that you may already have a secret sales person waiting...

Advertising for Plumbers

If you’re considering advertising for plumbers, did you know that you may already have a secret sales person waiting in the wings that you knew nothing about? 

Advertising for plumbers – it’s all about being seen by potential customers and turning them into actual customers. And the way to do that? Well these days, most people search for the services that they need online.. And here’s where we move back to your secret sales person – your website. 

If you’ve had the good sense to create a website for your business, then it’s there 24/7 all ready and waiting to showcase the very best of the services you provide to potential new customers. 

But there are two major factors to consider here – is your salesperson any good and how do you get people through the door to meet them? 


Make the most of your website 

Let’s start by assessing your sales person (your website) – does it have the right appearance to appeal to your customers? Does it communicate in an easy to understand way? Does it compel the visitor to take further action (in the form of booking your services)? 

A website that is complicated and difficult to navigate, like a bad salesperson, will put the customer off immediately and cause them to go elsewhere. So, when it comes to advertising for plumbers, it’s vital to ensure that your website is properly set up to get the very best results for you.


Getting your customers to you

It isn’t all about giving customers exactly what they need. How do you know that they will find you in the first place? Online traffic has to be led to your website in order to make the most of the services that it provides and this is done by putting in place the following marketing tools: 

  • Lead Generation Website – a website that is built to bring in customers, not just to look good. Websites should have clarity, over cleverness and plenty of powerful calls to action. Have a unique sales message targeted at your ideal customer.
  • Google Ads – a solid campaign using the keywords that are used by the customers you want. 
  • SEO – Get your rankings up on Google with optimised website content, keyword selection and link building.

It’s through having these sort of lead generating tools in place that will ensure, not only does your website give your target customer what they want, but it will send them in your direction, too.


Let us do the work

You’re the expert at what you do and we’re the experts at what we do. That’s why we wouldn’t for one minute expect you to be a marketing expert on top of an excellent plumber (in the same way that we wouldn’t have a clue how to fix a leak, or fit a new bathroom). If these sort of marketing techniques seem a bit alien to you, then why not let us show you how it’s done – as well guaranteeing you the results that these types of advertising for plumbers can achieve. 


Get the book 

Get even more in-depth guidance on what you can do to get more customers for your business. You can have a call with one of our experts to discuss the types of advertising for plumbers that will give your business the boost it needs. And for further information, pick up a free copy of our Amazon 5* rated book entitled ‘The Ultimate Local Marketing System’, too.

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Michael Angrave is the co-founder of Go Websites, author of The Ultimate Local Marketing System and host of The 'Get More Customers' Podcast. Having worked with hundreds of business of all shapes and sizes, Michael is one of the UK's leading authorities on local marketing.