How To Get More Customers Using the ‘Hierarchy of Persuasion’

In this, our first guest blog post, we introduce Dave Dee. Dave is a master of sales and marketing...

Hierarchy Of Persuasion

In this, our first guest blog post, we introduce Dave Dee. Dave is a master of sales and marketing strategies, runs live presentations and webinars all over the USA, and has helped countless businesses generate millions and millions of dollars in sales by following his techniques….it’s over to you Dave!

Hi, I’m Dave Dee. In sales, you’ve probably heard people talking about the ‘close’? This is when you take your prospect who is interested in your product or service and convince them on why they should take action right away.

I’m going to show you how to do this.

Since I came up with this structure and system, I’ve been able to really refine and perfect it over 15 years. The idea originally came from old-time copywriters.

So there’s a guy by the name of Gary Halbert. He was known as the ‘Prince of Print’, that’s what he called himself, and also as the world’s greatest copywriter, (he dubbed himself that too) but a lot of people agree with that.

One of the things that I learned from Gary was the first thing that you create when you’re writing a sales letter is the order form. You create the order form first and you create the offer first.

So we have to begin with the end in mind, we’ve got to start with the close.

How can you write a sales letter to sell something if you don’t know specifically what it is you’re selling? So that’s where I got the idea, and if it works in sales letters, it will most certainly work in a ‘speaking to sell’ presentation.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering something for free or whether you’re selling something. People make the big mistake in all types of marketing by thinking, my offer is a ‘free consultation’.

That’s not your offer. That’s just a piece of your offer. Just because you’re offering something for free, doesn’t mean that people are going to take you up on it. You still have to sell them on it.

Here’s a mistake that people make who are booking consultations with a presentation. They don’t talk about the benefits of the consultation, but rather the benefits of the prospect hiring them.

You’re not selling that yet.

You’re just selling the person on coming to the consultation.

So what is the benefit of the consultation for me, as the prospect? Why am I going to spend an hour with you, or thirty minutes with you, via Skype or Zoom, come to your place of business or let you into my home?

What’s the big benefit of just that?

So here’s what your close needs to consist of.

This is called the ‘hierarchy of persuasion’. And it all ties in with the close.

So at the lowest level on the hierarchy of persuasion, on the lowest rung of this ladder, the feature is a ‘60 minute consultation at your premises’. That’s a feature.

The level up from that on the hierarchy of persuasion is something we call ‘benefits’. So what is the benefit of that feature? What’s going to happen? Now for most people, this is selling 101. But that’s where most people stop, features and benefits.

But there are two levels that are higher. The third level is the level of ‘outcome’. What is the outcome of all of these benefits going to be? I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about shortly. However, the highest level, the level that almost no-one gets to, is where real selling takes place.

If you want to create a Sales Stampede, I mean a literal stampede of orders, you’ve got to get to this next level, which is ‘transformation’.

Transformation is almost always emotional. Transformation is ‘how am I going to be different as a person because of this?’

So let me give you an example…

Let’s say that I’m selling an online course on how to do presentations that sell. So the feature is that the course is 4 weeks long, there’s video and there’s audio, there’s hand-outs and there’s templates.

The benefits are you can learn it on the go, you don’t have to carry around folders with you. It’s done in bite-sized pieces so you can easily get through it and you don’t have to dedicate hours and hours to it because it’s been streamlined.

Outcomes are, at the end of this you’re going to have a presentation that absolutely rocks. That you can deliver in person or via a webinar, that’s going to sell more products or services in a month than you now do all year. And you’re going to have the confidence to present this thing. So that is a big outcome.

But that’s not the transformation. See, that transformation is a level up. The outcome is that you’re going to make more sales and you’re going to make more money. The transformation is how your life is going to be different.

How you’re going to have more freedom, how you’re going to be able to go on those vacations that you wanted to go on, the feeling of pride that you’re going to have. How you’re going to have the business that you always dreamed about. You see, that’s a big difference from where we started, with ‘oh there’s videos, there’s audios and there’s templates’.

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