How To Get Results With Local Internet Marketing

When it comes to getting results from your internet marketing, local knowledge and awareness of your key audiences are...

How To Get Results With Local Internet Marketing

When it comes to getting results from your internet marketing, local knowledge and awareness of your key audiences are a must. 

Internet marketing is vital for any business in this day and age. Have no online presence and you may as well not exist at all (unless you expect to get all of your customers through word of mouth recommendations and an advert in the local post office window). 

The fact is that most people take to the search engines and review sites such as Checkatrade to find a local service they are looking for – it’s there that they should find your business and, if your internet marketing is done right, will become your next customer.

Once you’ve established the importance of it, success with local internet marketing comes from the right planning. Without this, you could be stabbing in the dark. So, any marketing campaign should begin with finding out and exploring who the people are that you are looking to attract. Ask yourself, where do they live online, what are their habits, what sort of times of day are they likely to be online and what will they be looking for. 

Only then can you begin to ensure that your internet marketing will drive local leads to your business – because you’ve taken the time to establish exactly where to find them. 


Drive Local Leads 

After you’ve discovered where your business’ online presence needs to be, then you should also pay attention to the way your business is advertised. The structure of your website and tone of your carefully crafted sales message needs to appeal to the target customer and lead them to take action (namely, buying your services). 

Your website should be easy to use, relevant and useful, this way, not only will people be more likely to stay on the site long enough to become a customer, but the search engines will look upon your site more favourably too, so you’ll appear higher up the rankings when people search for a business like yours.


Internet Marketing Must-Haves

There are three core aspects of successful local internet marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Sales Message 
  • Google Ads

SEO is all about increasing your chances of people finding your local business naturally online. The best way to do this is by ensuring your website is useful to those who are looking and it gives them what they are looking for in a straightforward and simple way. 

Care should be taken in creating the content of your site, not only in optimising the bits that the visitors see, but behind the scenes, with keyword selection and link building, which will ensure the search engines get a really favourable picture of what it is that your business offers. Of course, every business wants to be at the top of the search engine rankings though, so getting the very best results from your SEO should be left to the experts. 

While SEO is the natural way to get results with local internet marketing, you also have access to tools such as Google Ads which can provide a solid campaign that targets the keywords your potential customers are putting in – a paid form of advertising, but a guarantee that your business will be getting in the right lines of vision. 


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