Marketing For Plumbers

For any plumbing firm looking to expand their customer base, marketing for plumbers, when done correctly, can consistently guarantee...

Marketing For Plumbers

For any plumbing firm looking to expand their customer base, marketing for plumbers, when done correctly, can consistently guarantee it pulls in the leads required. 

There’s no point creating a successful marketing campaign that’s going to do the trick for a month or even a year… what happens when it stops bringing more business in? 


Keep them coming

Marketing for plumbers, as with any other small business, needs to be consistently reviewed, monitored and evolved to meet the needs of those who require their services. And not only that, it has to guarantee that the business is conducting its marketing in the right way to ensure it will be seen by those people. 

We’ve spoken to many business owners in the past who have been sick of spending money on marketing which just isn’t consistently bringing new business in. Because ultimately, what’s the point in looking pretty, if no one gets to see you?

There are several factors which must go into planning successful marketing for plumbers that will provide a steady stream of good customers, who will make the most of the services, recommend the business to their friends and ultimately come back for more.

The secret to this is to identify the people you’re trying to target, work out where and when they are online to view your services and then put in place a strategy that is flexible enough to reach them and consistently meet their changing needs. 


Drive traffic to your door

Older forms of marketing were about putting your message out there and hoping that someone sees it, or even demanding that they notice you through more aggressive tactics such as cold calling and spamming their inbox. Not much fun for anyone.

How about if we were to tell you that some of the best plumber marketing ideas we’ve seen involve the use of a series of marketing tools which bring the customers to you?  

Such tools which might benefit you in this way include the following: 

To get this right, you’ll need to have other factors in place too, such as keyword research, to highlight the words that potential customers are putting into the search engines. Your website should feature blogging subjects which not only use the right keywords, but provide usefulness and relevance to the reader. And of course, every plumber needs an effective, easy to navigate website which compels visitors to book services in. 

After that, there should be an automated follow up to ensure customers don’t fall by the wayside and remarketing measures in place, too.

Constant research and monitoring will guarantee your marketing message remains the correct one to keep the leads consistently coming in. But, if this sounds a bit complicated and you’d rather have your marketing for plumbers done for you, then of course, we’d be more than happy to help. 


Get the book

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss plumber marketing ideas which could bring more customers into your business. And for further in-depth guidance on what you can do, grab a free copy of our marketing book, ‘The Ultimate Local Marketing System’, which will take you through our 10-step marketing system that is 100% guaranteed to get more customers.

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