The Benefits Of A Plumber Marketing Company

There’s no point in having any kind of business if no one knows that it’s there – and that...

The benefits of a plumber marketing company

There’s no point in having any kind of business if no one knows that it’s there – and that is the major benefit of a plumber marketing company. But, of course, there’s loads more to it than that. There’s lots of factors of marketing a plumbing business that will determine whether that marketing has a positive or negative effect. 

When done correctly, your marketing should bring a swathe of new customers in, who keep returning and telling all their friends and family about you. 

The benefits of marketing your company in the right way should not only bring in more leads, but it should enhance your reputation, online visibility – oh, and bring you lots more cash in too. 


Marketing that guarantees results 

So here’s how it’s done. You start off by identifying the kind of customers that you want to attract. Then work out where they’re looking for your services, when and how. 

Take a person whose bathroom pipes have just sprung a leak and there’s water everywhere, or someone whose boiler has broken down in the depths of winter. Are they going to pick up a copy of their local paper to find an ad, or maybe wait for a door to door salesperson to pop up miraculously? No.. (obviously).. The most likely action that a person who has a plumbing emergency would take is to search online for an emergency local plumber, or to ask friends or family. So, as you can see, there’s a big difference in the marketing techniques that you use.

The same goes for somebody who is looking for someone to carry out less urgent tasks, such as boiler servicing or maintenance. Again, they’re more likely to look online, or ask around, but this time they might take longer to do it, given the reduced urgency.

The benefits of marketing your plumbing business in the right way mean you’ll reap huge rewards in the form of more business and additional income. And it’s worth asking the experts to give you a helping hand. That’s because a plumber marketing company worth its salt will really take the time to find out where those people are most likely to see your business and book your services. They will also do it considering the many appropriate avenues that there are.


How a plumber marketing company gets results

If you’re wondering how to market your business, then you might not be aware of the following tools that a plumber marketing company might use. These include: 

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google My Business
  • Pay Per Click Advertising through Google Ads
  • A lead generating website that is clear and easy to use
  • A properly thought out social media strategy 
  • Expertly written website content which talks to potential customer leads and search engines alike

If this all sounds a bit alien to you and you’d rather just stick to what you’re best at – in this case expert plumbing – then why not let a plumber marketing company do the work for you? 


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