How Get More Customers From Your Website With A Marketing Company

As we move towards less troubled times, you might be looking ahead to ways to get your business back...

How Get More Customers From Your Website With A Marketing Company

As we move towards less troubled times, you might be looking ahead to ways to get your business back on its feet and this is where a website marketing company is exactly what you need to help you do that. 

You might be the best in the business at what you do, but, without ensuring you’re seen in the right places by the right people, you might as well say goodbye to the chances of bringing in new customers. 

Having a website that has been professionally designed by a website marketing company will put your business out into the world, making sure it’s firmly in the line of vision of those people who need your services most. After all, most people shop online these days, so ensuring your business has an online presence is an absolute must. 


Get It Right 

The thing is, once you’ve made the (right) decision to have a website for your business, there are some massive pitfalls to avoid. If you’re going to invest in a decent website that will bring you more customers, be aware of what most websites get wrong and avoid doing these like the plague. For example, never: 

  • Have too much going on – instead, keep your message simple 
  • Have no call to action – visitors need to be guided towards what to do next
  • Forget to measure the performance of the site to see where improvements can be made
  • Ignore vital web tools, such as SEO and Google Ads 
  • Use unappealing images 
  • Make it hard to find how potential customers can get in touch
  • Forget to make your website multi-device friendly – remember most customers will be searching for you on their mobiles 
  • Have poor page load time

It’s vital to ensure your website is easy to use and gets your message across. Pages that don’t load properly and are crammed full of useless or confusing information are likely to put visitors off and cause them to go elsewhere before they’ve even had a chance to think about booking your services. 


Website Tools That Get Results

The right sales message, SEO and Google Ads can get it right for your website every time. SEO, or search engine optimisation, for example, is the way to ensure your website is high up in the rankings when people are searching for your services on search engines such as Google. We all know that people rarely look past page one, so your business might be the best in the world, but if others are coming up in the search before you, then you’re missing a trick. 

Another way to ensure you’re seen is by making the most of Google Ads – but, beware, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up spending an awful lot of money on it with very little return. 

If you’re not sure how to use these tools to the very best advantage then it’s time to enlist the services of a website marketing company which can. 


Book A Consultation

When you’re on the lookout for a local website marketing company, why not book a free consultation with us and find out more? Our experts can help you get a more in-depth look into how internet marketing can help your business and personally guide you through a customer growth plan which will guarantee that you’ll bring more customers in. Get in touch today for more details. 

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