How to Write Copy That Resonates

What’s the best way to fully engage your target market? By writing copy that grabs the attention of a...

How To Write Copy That Resonates

What’s the best way to fully engage your target market? By writing copy that grabs the attention of a potential customer and confidently turns them into a sales lead, by resonating with them in the most positive and effective way.

Writing engaging copy can be difficult for so many reasons. For example, you’re great at what you do – that’s why you’ve got a successful business. Thing is, while you might be an expert in that specific field, it doesn’t mean you find it easy to communicate your sales message to the people who you want to hear it.

That message has to grab the reader’s attention and then hold it there, so they won’t forget that your business is exactly what they need. And they need it now. Not next month, or next year… now.

Getting it right can be the difference between your advert generating sales leads or not – and you’ll only get one chance to hit the mark.

People often make the mistake that good copy comes about from fancy language skills, but that’s not the case. Good copy must give the reader exactly what they want, in a tone of voice that they want to hear and leave them feeling reassured that they’ve made the right decision in taking their business with you that step further.

So, here’s how it’s done…

1) Know your target market

It’s the number one rule of marketing: Identify Your Audience.

What’s the point in speaking to someone who you want to engage with, if you don’t speak their language? Just as you wouldn’t try to engage a French person by speaking Chinese (unless, of course, they spoke it), there’s no point in trying to relate to your target customer, unless you’re confident about who they are.

Take time to research the following:

  • Demographics, and psychographics
  • What are their biggest pains and fears?
  • What are their biggest opportunities
  • Research the market and even speak to them in person, by surveys or over the phone

2) Know your product

Once you know who the person you are trying to engage with is, and what it is they want, make sure that before you even dip a toe in the water, you know exactly what your product is, who it’s for and why it is they want or need it.

Sounds obvious, but so many businesses lose out by not appearing knowledgeable or confident in the effectiveness of their product. Ensure you know your product inside and out. It’s then time to make it far too good to resist.

3) Know your offer

This is your call to action, something which you must always ask your reader to do. You’ve got their attention by identifying with their situation and offering them something that they need.

You’ve piqued their interest, then you need to show them how to make sure they get your product – and make it irresistible at the same time.

Create a compelling offer which will get their attention and then cultivate a sense of urgency that gets them to take action right away, rather than waiting.

4) Use language which they understand

There’s absolutely no point in using technical jargon unless you are completely sure that your reader fully understands it and uses it on a regular basis – so they don’t have to think too hard about what it means. Keep your language and choice of words simple, don’t get too fancy.

Remember, clarity beats cleverness. Don’t try to be clever and end up confusing your potential customer – it’s only going to put them off.

5) Use stories

Finally, a perfect way to write copy which resonates with the reader is to tell a story that they can relate to. Stories keep the reader’s attention better than anything else.

Even better, if you can make the reader the focus of the story, they will be even more interested and easily able to see themselves benefiting from your product.

Use visual imagery with your story. Not only can this be a much easier way to get your message across, but it breaks up long sections of text, which can be off-putting to those about to read your copy.

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