Ep11: Tom Bower

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. I’ve got a deliciously tasty episode for you today as I’m in the studio with Tom Bower who owns and manages Thomas The Caterer.

Thomas runs an exceptional business, as you’ll hear for yourself, and he makes awesome food for high-end weddings. What really separates Tom’s business from the rest of the market is that rather than working from pre-made ‘set’ menus, like menu A, B or C, he focuses on menu U. And this means that he helps couples to create delicious food that’s inspired by them as people. Creative food that’s true to their personalities, their tastes and really tells their story as they journey through life together.

There’s a lot of things that Tom is doing well in his business, from a marketing standpoint, from a business operations standpoint and certainly from a customer satisfaction standpoint. So listen carefully to the nuggets of advice that he shares on this.

The two paths we find ourselves heading is firstly how we could structure his main landing pages to try and compel more of his existing website visitors into sales enquiries, and secondly we talk about profit accelerators #6 and #7 which are both about setting things up using re-engagement so that you continue to get in front of hot prospects even if they never got as far as giving you their contact information, first time around.

There’s also quite a deep discussion on why it is that Tom has effectively flushed so much money down the drain trying to get Facebook Ads working and the one big mistake which he and no doubt, many other businesses are making too.

There’s lots of value packed into this one, so let’s get started.

Here’s Tom to tell you more.