Ep13: David Vickers

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. I’m really looking forward to today’s episode as we have David Vickers from TSL 4 Training, live here in the studio.

David runs a brilliant business in which he’s able to provide bespoke training for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

He’s clearly a very talented man who’s certified to provide training across many disciplines, including First Aid, Health and Safety, Beauty, Mental Health, Holistic Therapies and DSE (which stands for Display Screen Equipment and actually a service which he has completed for us here at Go Websites, and done a very impressive job too I’d like to add).

He currently gets much of his work from referrals and recommendations and you as you’ll soon hear for yourself, his personality really comes across, and that’s why he’s built a reputation for bucking the trends of the industry and offering training courses which are fun, exciting and in which he can really help to change lives and in many cases save lives.

Whilst having multiple revenue streams in a business can undoubtedly be of great value, the path we actually went down was almost the polar opposite. This was not only to focus on just one side to the business, which was First Aid training but to then even narrow that training down further again.

The benefit of doing this speaks for itself and if you’re in a business which perhaps offers lots of products and services, and you’d like to get a more predictable stream of new leads then this one is full to the brim with great ideas that you too will be able to provide.

I know you’re going to love this.

Here’s David to tell you more.