Ep21: Paul Lyons

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. Today I’ve got a fantastic episode in store as we’re quite literally going up in the world. That’s because we’re taking the show on the road by heading upstairs from Go Websites HQ to welcome Paul Lyons (and Molly) from Fine Detail onto the show.

Paul mainly works in the shop fitting industry where he offers a number of services including surveying sites, creating technical drawings and snagging existing projects. His portfolio of customers reads like a Paris fashion show, with some of the largest names in cosmetics and retail industries.

Whilst he has an excellent group of customers already and has thrived by working for a small number of prestigious brands, the industry has seen an unfortunate downturn recently. Inevitably this means the amount of work available to him has also dropped.

What I love about today’s show is how we’re able to closely look at Paul’s vision for his business and make some small tweaks, which could have a very significant impact.

In particular, we look at the importance of having a powerful and compelling sales message, which is carefully crafted around your ideal customers. So many businesses miss this all important aspect, so I urge you to listen carefully so that you can apply this in your business too.

We also dig into the fact that many of his competitors are quite simply waiting, or even hoping for work to come their way, however, with just a small number of tweaks to his marketing and very few changes to his actual operations, we’re able to allow Paul to attract leads rather than having to chase them.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed did.