Ep24: James Bacon

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. Today, we’ve got an awesome episode in store, as we’ve got James Bacon from JDB Strength & Conditioning.

James is a personal trainer who operates in Burton Upon Trent and has a proven system for helping people to break out of their mundane, ineffective gym regimes in exchange for tailored programmes which allow them to quickly work towards their personal fitness goals.

James has previously run a successful gym in Nottingham which he was able to sell several years back. He’s now looking to repeat those same levels of success with his new venture.

We covered lots of really interesting areas today including how to structure the copywriting on your website so that you can stop your ideal customer in their tracks and have them pay 100% attention to what you are saying.

Further to this, we had a fascinating discussion on what to look for when it comes to tracking your numbers and figuring out how well your marketing is working and what you can do to make better decisions.

James has done a great job getting to where he is and there are lots of really useful tactics which could well apply to your business too.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Here’s James to tell you more…