Ep44: Steve Gordon

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. I’ve got a superb episode for you today as I’m joined by Steve Gordon from The Unstoppable CEO.

Steve joins us all the way from (not so sunny) Florida and is an expert on Podcasting in both his own business when he’s helping his customers to benefit from this marketing phenomenon too.

What I love most about the insight which Steve is about to share, is that it all comes from real-life experience. He worked his way up in business and really came into his own when applying his sales and marketing skills with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Like anybody who has achieved success in something, Steve’s valuable lessons are derived from things that have worked well for him and from mistakes that he’s made along the way, and more importantly how you can avoid making the same ones too.

As a podcaster, I’m already converted into the benefit of hosting a podcast, but the ideas which Steve shares were genuinely eye-opening.

Whilst we touch on the logistics of starting a podcast, the bulk of what we talk about is his unique system for leveraging your time investment to build rapport, generate high-quality referrals and ultimately bring more customers into your business.

I’d certainly recommend a pen and paper for this one as there are some amazing marketing strategies even if you’re not considering creating a podcast of your own.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Here’s Steve to tell you more…


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