Ep46: Dave Nicholls 2

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. I’ve got something a little bit different today as I’m joined by Dave Nicholls of Better IT.

Now it wasn’t so long ago when Dave appeared previously on the show when we were able to map out an incredible sales follow-up process.

However, in today’s episode, Dave is looking to share some valuable wisdom to help businesses during this Coronavirus crisis which is impacting us all at the minute.

Dave runs a forward-thinking IT support company so it was no surprise to hear the awesome work which he was doing with regards to helping business to enable the power and efficiency of working from home in as quick a time as possible.

Throughout the episode, Dave shares some useful tools, tips, strategies and ideas that will open your eyes to what can be achieved using technology.

Even though we run a web-based business and I’d consider us to be pretty tech-savvy, there were a number of ideas which took me by surprise.

Additionally, we move on to looking at creative ways which any business owner can try and turn a crisis situation, like we’re now, into something more positive.

I’m pleased that we recorded this because I think it’s going to be massively beneficial to lots of people listening, who might otherwise be getting very anxious about what the future holds.

If you do find these ideas useful (which I’m sure you will) and you know any other businesses who may benefit too, please, please share it with them so that we can help as many people as possible.

I know that you’re gonna love this one,

Here’s Dave to tell you more…


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