Ep49: Mark Evans

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. In today’s episode, I’m joined by Mark Evans from Conversations With Impact.

Mark is a coach and counsellor who’s based in Leicester. Mark has a great track record with his patients and reveals his unique ‘Impact Model’ for helping to transform the lives of people suffering from any number of issues ranging from bereavement and eating problems right through to business coaching and everything in between.

Like many businesses, Mark has also been affected by the recent Coronavirus crisis, so it leaves him with a unique opportunity to be able to focus more time on growing his business and reaching more people.

Throughout the episode, we look at ways of attracting more customers by focusing specifically on their unique needs and emotions, and how to turn this thinking into more sales leads.

Furthermore, we look at how any business can reach and help more people by using tools such as books, webinars and training programmes.

I hope you enjoy this one.

Here’s Mark to tell you more…