Ep54: Cara de Faye

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. I’ve got a very important episode today as I’m joined by Cara de Faye, who is the fiancé of Go Websites co-founder, Lee Hancock.

For those of you listening who know Lee, you’re probably aware of the devastating ordeal which he’s faced over the past few years since being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in 2017.

The past three years have seen an emotional roller coaster of events as you’ll soon hear.

Lee has had the support of some incredible people from his friends and family right through to the surgeons and medical team that have pushed boundaries in their treatments, but none more so than Cara.

She’s been working tirelessly to do everything in her power to create opportunities to help Lee in his current situation, and this latest breakthrough has the potential to be life-changing not just for Lee but also possibly for millions of others who are currently facing or may face the same situation in years to come.

It’s an emotional episode and Cara does an incredible job of sharing hers and Lee’s story. It’s very clear to see Cara’s strength and understand how her ambition and commitment are making incredible headways in this field of research which until now had been halted due to lack of funding.

Later on in the episode, we discuss the ways that people can help and share some of the awesome things that people are doing to help out. We even come up with some ideas for how to use proven marketing principles to further help the fundraising efforts.

As you’re listening to this, if there’s any way you can support Lee and Cara, it would be massively appreciated.

Please make donations or even share this podcast or page with people that you know, the more people who get behind this the faster great things can be achieved.

Here’s Cara to tell you more…