Ep6: Michael Thomas

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave.
You’re in for a treat today as we are joined by Michael Thomas from Smart Restaurants. I first met Michael when we worked together around 9 years ago and it’s fantastic to see just how far he’s come in that time.

As you’ll discover, Michael is doing an awful lot of things right in his business. Not only has he got an incredible product, he’s also realised the power of targeting a single Niche market. In the episode, we dig deeper on his target customer and reveal some really interesting emotional pain points which would inevitably allow him to develop a very powerful sales message which is profit accelerator #1.

We also reveal a clever way to market his business to the right people by focusing on a desired outcome and not simply focusing on the product or service that he offers. The great thing is that this game-changing strategy can almost certainly be used in your business too.

There are also some valuable lessons for anybody who is in an industry which is being disrupted by a fast-growing market leading business, in this case, it’s Just Eat.

Here’s Michael to tell us more.