Ep7: Roger Lanza

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. We have a very interesting episode for you today, as we have Roger Lanza from Secure Home Buy. It’s also slightly different as Roger joined me live in the studio to record this episode.

It’s certainly a fascinating conversation we had. Roger is a successful entrepreneur who has several excellent businesses, however today we focus particularly on the property development side of what he does. As you know, I’m fortunate enough to speak with many business owners, and it’s quite common for people to want to invest some of the money they are making in property.

Now if that thought has ever crossed your mind, then grab a pen and paper and listen carefully as Roger reveals a tonne of ‘inside secrets’ that he’s picked up over the last 20 years.

What’s also very interesting, and given that he’s achieved many of personal success goals, is that the potential next step for Roger is to give back to people who are looking to emulate his success by structuring his knowledge into an ‘information business’ where he has the opportunity to mentor and coach others to follow in his footsteps.

Let’s get started, and here’s Roger to tell us more.