Ep9: Tom Bates

Show Notes:

Hello and welcome to the Get More Customers podcast with me Michael Angrave. I’ve got a really exciting episode for you today as I’m speaking with Tom Bates of The Odd Co about his awesome business.

Tom has capitalised on a really interesting niche as his business sells luxury odd socks online using a subscription model. Whilst it’s not an idea I’d ever heard before, by the end of the episode, you’ll see I was really sold on the concept.

During the show, we cover an awful lot of ground and discuss ways in which they’ve seen incredible success so far as well as finding new angles and strategies to provide the platform for their ambitious growth goals.

We touched on many of the 10 profit accelerator during our conversation in particular profit accelerator number 10 which is testing and optimisation, and how it can be overlaid to other areas of the system to create winning formulas.

Some of the numbers that Tom shares are quite staggering and there are valuable lessons to be learned about the impact of acquiring people on to your marketing lists, even if it feels like you’re taking a massive risk in doing so.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and I’m sure you will too.