Armco Direct is a Leicestershire-based UK supplier of vehicle crash barrier systems and other related products.

Since partnering with Armco Direct in 2015, we have deployed a number of lead generation strategies including most recently a complete 10-step marketing system. Whilst the results have been consistently improving since we started, the business now sits in a very strong marketing position.

Here’s how we did…

  • 479% Increase in leads
  • 10x Return on investment
  • 491% Increase in SEO traffic

What we did…

We have now deployed a fully maintained marketing system, design to continue to increase the number of customers generated from online marketing, allowing the business to grow with stability.

  • 10-step marketing system
  • Lead generation website
  • Bespoke calculator lead magnet
  • Significant traffic increase from SEO, Google Ads, social media, automated follow-up and more

Take a look for yourself.

See for yourself how Armco Direct have applied the Go Websites system to strengthen their position as a leading force in the crash barrier and Armco road safety market.

  • The success of our business is based on a number of factors; one factor certainly is Go Websites and the additional leads that they’ve generated. My names Darren Lallo I’m MD and founder of a company called Armco Direct we supply and distribute and import vehicle crash barrier systems.

    We started using Go Websites in 2015. They overhauled the existing website that we had which was redundant. Go Websites take care of our SEO, Google Adwords, Blog Posts which is another facility and provide us with monthly reports. We have a dedicated marketing consultant Alec reviews the current situation and advises us on any work we need to do in certain areas, it’s an area that I’m not an expert on but they clearly are.

    Communication with Go Websites is easy and straightforward. They work to strict deadlines. When the task is agreed it is electronically forwarded to you for e-signature. Once you’ve done that process, a time frame of the work to be done is agreed, my experience is that the work is done within that time frame.

    Since deploying Go Websites, our lead generation has increased dramatically, it’s clear that we have at least doubled the lead generation and goal completions over the past couple of years. The impact that has on the business is that sales have increased and ultimately the business is allowed to grow.

    Darren Lallo | Armco Direct Ltd

    Darren Lallo

    Managing Director, Armco Direct Ltd