Karen Chappell had become frustrated at the sheer volume of marketing advice available that had until this point, not resonated with her or her business. After falling out of love with her business, the struggle to attract more customers via the website had left her wondering which way to turn next.

What we did…

Karen took advantage of a limited opportunity to visit Go Websites’ Headquarters for a bespoke business consultation to help identify the unique selling proposition for her business as well as a clear strategy for how she could benefit from these days.

  • Bespoke marketing consultation
  • Local marketing blueprint session
  • Unique selling proposition development
  • Lead magnet creation

  • I started my business years ago and I’ve been ‘beating my drum’ for 10 years plus and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I’d been to lots of marketing people and they’ve given me some interesting information, but it’s not actually helped me to move my business forward sufficiently.

    I met Michael at another event and he caused me to listen a bit more. Then there was this offer about a 2-hour free session to go through essentially a marketing system. I’ve been absolutely blown away because, I have to say, I wasn’t in love with my business when I first came because it’s just been so long.

    Now he’s helped me to identify areas that I need to change, identify areas that I could change on my website, on my marketing message and there wasn’t a hard sell at the end.

    It was totally worth my time. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Don’t hesitate, just jump in. There’s a lot of really good information in there that could help your business to move forward too.

    Karen Chappell | Bodylogiq

    Karen Chappell

    Founder, Bodylogiq