Bill is the co-founder of London-based chartered surveyors, Wilkinson & Fox. Having spent many years working in the industry, Bill had recently made the decision to venture out with his own business.

Having originally been recommended to Go Websites, Bill took advantage of an opportunity to develop a Local Marketing Blueprint for his business.

What we did…

This enlightening 2-hour marketing session provided the groundwork to identify strategies and develop a clear marketing plan which could be implemented at Bill’s desired pace.

  • Unique selling proposition (USP) development
  • Traffic strategy
  • 10-step marketing system plan

  • My name’s Bill Wilkinson, I run a firm of chartered surveyors and I am looking to get more lead generation for either business to customer or business to business leads. But my focus tends to be on trying to get business leads and I came in to have a chat with Michael to go through all of the sort of bits of information and it was quite eye opening for me to say the least.

    I read the book before coming which I knew parts of but I hadn’t perhaps pieced together the theme of how all of these elements worked together and that was probably the biggest highlight and also the bits to just go away and think about. Things like unique selling points which I deep down know about because I know my business very well and the industry but without somebody there asking you the right questions and teasing the bits of information out of you can be quite hard just to come up with your unique selling point. You could come up with 5 generic things but probably not the thing is actually your unique selling point so to be asked the right sort of questions is quite important and that’s really what I got most from today.

    Bill Wilkinson | Wilkinson & Fox

    Bill Wilkinson

    Managing Director, Wilkinson & Fox