Daniel Cassidy is an entrepreneur currently at the helm of several Leicester-based businesses. Your Wedding Entertainment is a company which connects couples with premium music and entertainment acts for weddings across the UK. The Christmas Club provides bespoke Christmas Parties for some of Leicester’s largest corporate organisations.

What we did…

After approaching Go Websites, we were able to start work on a range of projects all designed to help increase the number of leads which were attracted via the Internet.

  • Custom Marketing Consultation
  • Website Maintenance
  • Google Ads Management

Take a look for yourself.

See for yourself how Dan and the team are able to attract more customers into each of their businesses, using the techniques, strategies and ideas created with Go Websites.


  • Hi I’m Daniel Cassidy, so I run 2 businesses. I run a company called The Christmas Club, basically we run exclusive Corporate Christmas parties within the East Midlands. I also run another company called Your Wedding Entertainment which is a premium wedding entertainment consultancy.

    Initially, we contacted Go Websites because we looked at our wedding entertainment business and realised we were attracting a different kind of clientele to what we were aiming or trying to aim at. So we went to Go Websites, and we had an initial consultation service with them, they helped us with a lot of marketing ideas and how to stand out from the competition.

    Our business worked with another agency previously, and the AdWords campaigns were working to an extent but not getting the type of clients and business that we wanted. So one of the positives about going through Go Websites was that they understood our business, spent some time with us, understood what we wanted to do and what we were about and then put that into our Google Adwords Campaign.

    Whereas our previous agency basically worked with us from more of a technical perspective. They were very much about the “Google campaign works like this” but it wasn’t personal to us, it wasn’t personal to the business, they didn’t understand our business in the same way Go Websites took the effort to understand the business.

    We were given an account manager called Dan, who’s absolutely fantastic and he very much does what he said he is going to do, he does it when he says he is going to do it, he is always on the other end of the phone should we have any questions or need some support or to clarify anything and he manages our expectations very very well.

    So our campaign only went live just over a week ago, and we’ve already received 10 enquiries now, from clients who actually are the right type of clients for us, and it’s coming through the Google campaign that was set up. So it proves that it is working and it’s just a case now of us taking it offline and meeting them face to face and converting the business.

    I would 100% recommend Go Websites to anybody in need, the advice offered, the consultation sessions that we had changed our business so much in that one day that it was worth that alone. The process we have been through could be life-changing for us and if things go in the direction that they should be going in thanks to the work that’s been done by Go Websites then hopefully it will change our lives and change the business, and it will grow massively.

    Daniel Cassidy | Your Wedding Entertainment

    Daniel Cassidy

    Managing Director, Your Wedding Entertainment