• Hi there, my names Michael Porter I am the managing director for the Mobile Garage People here in Leicester. Our main aim is to bring the garage service to your home or your work at a time that is convenient for you. Upon meeting Go Websites we were with another big leading brand that had made us a very decent website to be fair to them, the downside that we were finding was that the SEO and the PPC and the managing of the marketing side of things weren’t particularly great.

    So we made the leap to move everything over to Go Websites and haven’t looked back since, the thing that we really enjoy about the service we get from Go Websites is that we have a 1 to 1 relationship and the difference is that they have taken the time to get to know our business and what our needs are about. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in both website enquiries and telephone leads which are obviously coming through PPC and things like that.

    Initially it took some time to build and I think with all these things it does and I think you have to give it time and again that’s all part of the process but on the whole now we have the right kind of business coming towards us and in the right areas as well which is dramatically important. From what we were getting originally with the original company to now has changed 50-60% easily. A massively important part of it is the communication and the 1 to 1 that you have once a month.

    And it is a 1 to 1 service, we are working alongside Alec he will then call us once a month to see how things are, to see how things have been that month, what sort of enquiries are we getting and then he will go through all the various statistics that Google Analytics put forward to them about what’s been achieved, what’s not been achieved. Also sometimes, areas that need to be worked at, you know it’s not a perfect world.

    But the good thing is the communication is there, and that is probably out of all the companies we’ve worked with over the years that’s the most key point to know what’s going on. We would highly recommend Go Websites for all your marketing and websites needs, without a shadow of a doubt it’s been great to work alongside them, and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Go Websites to any friends, family, other business contacts out there. They’re our first choice.

    If you want a 1 to 1 personal service and a company that will take the time to grow with you, get to know. Go with Go Websites.

    Michael Porter | The Mobile Garage People

    Michael Porter

    Managing Director, The Mobile Garage People