• Hi, I’m Will Ravenhill, Managing Director of Readings Estate Agents and Surveyors in Leicester. So, why did we choose Go Websites to build our new website? Well, we’d been using them for a year to 18 months to help us with our Search Engine Optimisation, and saw some fabulous results. [We] ended up on page 1 of Google searches, top 5 every time. Before we were with Go Websites, we were probably page 4 or 5. So, you know, it really went in the right direction.

    We met with Michael when we decided we wanted to build a new bespoke website. And rather than the standards agents website that shouts about how good we are, how long we’ve been in business, how many properties we sell and let, we suddenly decided that’s not what we say to people when they come into our showroom to see us.

    What we do is we ask them what they want and how we can help them. Michael was Splendid in actually pointing us in the right direction in that respect, in saying think about what the end user wants, and not what you want to say. And that’s how we built our website, with the help of Go Websites, from top to bottom.

    It changed the ethos as to how we operate as a company. We talk to people in a more human voice, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work very seriously.

    All I can say to you is the new website has been one of the best things we’ve invested in this year. We wanted to get it right, the team at Go Websites were incredibly patient and knowledgeable in helping us to get it right. We’re absolutely amazed with the finished product.

    Already, completions from Google have gone up 500% in 12 months. So, that’s the biggest headline I can tell you because I didn’t understand how these things work and a lot of my colleagues didn’t. But we knew we needed to do something about it, and the guys at Go Websites helped us at every step of the way.

    We now realise that we have to devote more and more of our marketing budget to things like websites and search engine optimisation than ever before, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.

    All I can say to you about Go Websites is, I would recommend them wholeheartedly. It’s early days, but they’ve proved they’ve been a great help to our business. We will be continuing to use them. We’re a local company; they’re a local company, We’ll be continuing to build on that long-standing relationship that we hope we’ll get with them in the future.

    Will Ravenhill | Readings Property Group

    Will Ravenhill

    Managing Director, Readings Property Group