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If you’re looking for a UK SEO agency that guarantees results by improving the technical architecture, the on site content and website visibility in search results, you’ve found the right SEO company to help you achieve it.

Chances are you’re looking for an SEO company who can get you more leads via your website or looking for an SEO specialist to improve your website rankings in search results.

At Go Websites we don’t rely on search engine optimisation as the only driver of leads and business. We use SEO as part of an integrated approach to search engine marketing that is a combination of quality converting web design, keyword targeted search engine optimisation campaigns, Google Ads and paid search, social media campaigns, paid social ads and email marketing. We believe that using SEO in conjunction with other marketing tactics as explained in The Ultimate Local Marketing System will generate the best results.

You may be here because you’ve used an SEO agency in the past that hasn’t delivered the results they promised or they have not generated you any ROI on the monthly spend.

Quite often our new clients are frustrated with their previous agency as they have suffered bad communication and transparency of what work has been done, not improved the rankings of targeted keywords, not improved the organic website traffic and have definitely not generated your business any revenue from their online marketing activities.

This is where Go Websites differs from other SEO companies. Our proven SEO strategies have helped hundreds of UK customers improve their technical website performance, improve their keyword targeted content, achieved first page search engine rankings for keywords and most importantly – helped them make money by increasing quality qualified leads.

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimisation covers a wide variety of on site and off site tactics..

Its basic explanation can be described as the method of creating and formatting website pages to rank highly in search engine results for target phrases and keywords.

There is a strong correlation between higher keyword/page rankings and an increase in leads, sales and enquiries, making SEO a very important part of your search engine and digital marketing strategy.

What does SEO comprise of?

As mentioned above, SEO is made of several core elements that improve your website’s visibility in search results.

Number 1 – Keyword Research

Search engines store every search query that is ever carried out in the respective engine (Google/Bing etc). As SEO specialists we are able to retrieve this data and find out how your potential customers are searching for your service or product.

Keyword research is carried out the start of every project as this enables us to create a sitemap based on your services and search demand. There is no point creating content if nobody is looking for it!

Keyword research should be the foundation of any search campaign. It is crucial to understand how your customers are searching online and what keywords to target so that you have a chance of getting your website in front of them.

Number 2 – Technical Website Architecture

Once you have a logical sitemap based on a combination of what your business is offering combined with how customers are searching, you need a website.

Whilst there are hundreds of companies offering low cost web design, most of these will neglect the elements you don’t see, but the search engines do. Cutting corners in the technical build can get your website marginal penalties that may harm its chances of ranking highly in search results. At the very basic level, your website should follow the Google SEO guidelines.

Technical SEO involves many factors including:

Google Search Console
  • Does your website have any technical issues highlighted in Google Search Console?
  • Is it using structured data?
  • Can your website be crawled and indexed by search engines?
  • Does it use Google AMP pages?
  • Are there any crawl errors documented?
  • Are there any mobile usability issues highlighted
Website loading time
  • Does your website load in under 2 seconds?
  • Does your website load quickly on mobile?
  • Are images compressed for fast loading?
  • Are you compressing code?
  • Does your server load the site quickly?

Page Speed Insights

Other Major SEO considerations (but not all)
  • Does your website have a valid SSL certificate?
  • Are you using secure contact forms?
  • Are you using the correct HTML Markup
  • Are you using the right heading tags?
  • Do you have an internal link structure?
  • Do you have HTML or XML sitemaps?
  • Are you using Bing Webmaster tools?
  • Do you have a website URL naming convention?
  • Do you have a Google My Business account?
  • Are canonical tags in place?

These are just a few (but nowhere near our 300 point SEO web build checklist) of the technical elements that should be taken into consideration when building a website with SEO in mind.

Ensuring that a website is built to the latest recommendations and web standards is a crucial part of the foundation of an SEO campaign.

No 3 – Website Content (Optimised content)

Now you know what keywords your business needs to target and you’re confident that your website is being built to a technically sound specification, you need to think about the content on the website.

Optimised web content should be focused on the user experience and also the keyword(s) you are targeting on that page. Without targeted keyword rich content, your web pages don’t really stand a great chance of getting ranked highly.

At Go Websites we produce optimised web content to explain your services or product that helps persuade your readers to convert into an enquiry whilst being optimised around the keywords we want the page to rank highly for.

No 4 – Off Site SEO

Whilst onsite SEO comprises of technical SEO elements and website content, offsite SEO is a completely different tactic. Having a well built website with optimised content is all very well but without off site SEO your pages probably are still not going to rank highly.

Off site SEO consists of link building, the tactic of getting other websites to link to yours. This helps two fold, it helps increase the authority of the optimised web page by passing Page Rank (algorithmically calculated credibility to your website from one site to another) and also offers another method of your customers finding your business by external links.

Search engines such as Google and Bing score your website on technical elements, content relevance and quality of linking domains to your content. It is important that your content attracts links so that your page authority increases, thus increases your target keyword pages in search results.

Google is very particular on linking practices and ensuring that your website does not build shady, non relevant links is crucial to avoid getting a Google penalty for trying to manipulate results.

No 5 – Data Analysis and Reporting

It’s all very well your chosen SEO agency saying that they’ve been working on your project, but how many of them are transparent in their reporting and analysis?

We provide monthly Google Analytics reports, link building reports, keyword ranking reports and a monthly phone call to go through the data with you. We send you the data so that you can physically see the improvements in your campaign and the work we have carried out.

We’ll go through the data with you and explain every part of the report, highlight any data trends and keyword opportunities and answer any questions you may have about any part of your monthly marketing report.

Is SEO Important for My Business?

Yes! SEO is definitely important for your business if you have a website and want to generate leads 24/7. Ensuring your website is in front of ready to buy customers who need your services is crucial.

SEO is an important part of your online marketing campaign and your digital agency should advise that you do work on SEO campaign that will generate your company more exposure and qualified web traffic.

Search engine optimisation should be part of your search marketing strategy to get converting traffic and capture leads for future marketing efforts.

How Are Go Websites Different From Other SEO Companies?

We focus on what generates your company money. We are transparent in the work we have done and reporting.

We are SEO experts with a passion for making sure your business benefits from SEO.

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