SEO For Plumbers – How To Increase Your Ranking

Every business that is looking to grow, or stand out ahead of its competition, needs to be aware of...

SEO For Plumbers - How To Increase Your Ranking

Every business that is looking to grow, or stand out ahead of its competition, needs to be aware of the massive benefits of SEO – whether it’s SEO for plumbers that is required, or any other trade. 


What is SEO? 

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of ensuring your website is seen in the most visible position in a major search engine’s organic search. (That’s generally at the top).

An organic search is a natural search engine result, instead of one which is paid for through search engine advertising. (You know.. the results that don’t have the words ‘Ad’ glaring brightly out at you when you type in your search).  

Good SEO for plumbers, for example, would mean that, when a potential customer is searching on Google for a plumber in their area, your firm comes top of the pile. Your ultimate goal should be to be as close to Google Page 1, Position 1, as you possibly can. 

Most of us use search engines in our daily lives to find anything online and we all know that it’s rare to look past Page 1, so it’s easy to see why that high ranking is so important. 


Best for business

We’ve established that good SEO for plumbers can help your business.. but getting it right is a lot easier said than done. Search engines, such as Google, have brains (or Artificial Intelligence) – and that means they won’t let just anyone through their doors. 

Being a business itself, Google wants to ensure users get exactly the result they’re looking for. And these results must provide high quality, completely relevant information, laid out clearly and concisely, in an easy to navigate way. Leading users to poor websites means there’s every chance they won’t bother searching on Google in the future… And Google likes its status as being responsible for most of the world’s search engine traffic.

It’s for this reason that it won’t look favourably on sites which are clearly designed to get people to the website but not actually help them once they are there.


Expert SEO support

Google regularly updates its SEO processes regarding how it ranks websites and this means it’s vital to stay on top of those changes. 

What might be good for search engine results at any one given time might not be, further down the line, so the secret to good SEO is to stay on the ball. 

There is also a set of basic rules which must always be followed in order to get good SEO for plumbers and other businesses. These include the following:

  • Identify the right keywords for your business – discover what search terms your target customers are putting into the search engines.
  • These keywords should be implemented correctly.
  • Ensure meta titles and descriptions, alt attributes and URL structure are all optimised, as well as page content.
  • Ensure visitors engage with your site once there.
  • Ensure inbound and outbound links are created. 
  • The site should be quick and easy to navigate, as well as being multi-device friendly.
  • There should be no duplicate or low value content. 

If all of this sounds a bit alien to you, then it’s understandable. You are the expert in what you do.. so, why not let the SEO experts do what they do best? 


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SEO should become a long term strategy for your business, one which is continually evaluated by the experts and altered to get the very best results possible to ensure the heady heights of Google Page 1. 

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