Social Media

Social Media

Social media and the ease of its accessibility is single-handedly the biggest social change in the World this millennium; so much so, that it’s almost difficult to remember what life was actually like before it existed.
Whether you are actively using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. on a personal level or whether you’ve purposefully steered away from it, there’s no hiding the fact that it’s here to stay and that your business has a wonderful opportunity to prosper from it.

For many years, advertising has been a one-way conversation, but now the game has changed! It’s time to ensure that your business is moving with the times and is protected long into the future.

For most businesses, getting started on social media consists of settings up a profile in your businesses name and starting to post and engage with other people’s posts. Whilst the first few days or even weeks can feel fun, it quickly becomes apparent that inspiration and commitment often starts to drop off.

Even if your willpower to keep committed to social media is strong, you eventually start to look at the effectiveness of your posting and how much return you are getting in terms of sales. Social media is such a huge business, why is it that so many businesses have yet to find a way to monetise their efforts and ultimately turn a profit from their investment?

The reason for this, is they focus on the detail and not on the bigger strategy. Social media is exactly what its name suggests, a media. Just like the telephone, email and SMS are all forms of media too. It’s a vehicle for sharing your message, not the message itself. You wouldn’t simply email someone every day simply because you have their email address? Or call them every day because you have their phone number?

Although social media is different in some ways, fundamentally, your success depends on how meaningful your message is, and how well it aligns with your customer’s desires, dreams, hopes and fears.

We’ve cut our teeth in social media through posting and analysing the success of tens of thousands of real-life posts. During this time, we’ve been able to discover what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to creating interesting, engaging and ultimately profitable content.