Google Ads for Plumbers

As just one of the marketing tools that small businesses can really make the most out of, Google Ads...

Google Ads For Plumbers

As just one of the marketing tools that small businesses can really make the most out of, Google Ads for plumbers is a highly effective way to pull new customers in – when done right.

Originally known as AdWords, Google Ads is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising which is widely used to bring in profit and grow small businesses, such as independent plumbers. 

PPC means that you only pay for your advertising when someone clicks on your ad. And the reason you want them to do that? Because it makes them more likely to book your services.

It’s a method used in plenty of online spaces, such as Facebook and other search engines, but Google Ads for plumbers is the most widely recognised – and used – form of PPC advertising… because most of us search on Google when we’re looking for a service we need.

So what sort of benefits can be gained from Google Ads for plumbers, specifically? 

  • Get more leads
  • Get yourself seen
  • Get results fast 
  • Available for most budgets
  • Target only those looking for your services 
  • Beat the competition


How it works

Like having the right organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the use of Google Ads for plumbers has to be done in the right way, to get results and enable the amazing returns that you’re looking for from your initial investment. 

Unlike other forms of marketing, which push a product at people whether they need it or not, it’s used to draw customers to you at exactly the time they’re looking for you.

It’s done through identifying and targeting the exact phrases that they are putting into a search engine (for example ‘find a plumber near me’). Ads can be shown at exactly the right times that people tend to look and in the places where they are looking. 

Without this kind of prior research, you run the risk of losing money, instead of getting a return on your investment. There’s also no point in targeting thousands of keywords, ultimately this will dilute your efforts and waste your money in the long term. Ensure the keywords you use are the right ones and focus on getting results from those. 


Monitor your success

It’s easy to monitor the success of Google Ads for plumbers and make changes to improve the results. For example, you can test whether you’re using the right keywords through split testing. Setting up split testing will enable you to keep improving your ads and decrease the cost per conversion, which will ensure you’re staying exactly on the ball. 

There are also other forms of marketing which can work for small businesses, such as excellent web design and organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as we mentioned before. Used together and in the right way, you can have the whole marketing system working for you to get more customers in before you know it.


Get the book 

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