• Hi there my names Dave Vickers I’m a director and a partner in the TSL Holistic Centre, we are a business that provides holistic and beauty treatments as well as training in first aid, health and safety etc.

    So I made a few enquiries, and within less than 24 hours someone has got back to me, followed up with a phone call as well. They weren’t just asking questions as if I was a pound sign; they were actually talking to me as a human being and finding out exactly what I needed. And again could they meet my need which I found fantastic compared with other companies I’d rang, that some of them I am still waiting for a reply for 2 months on.

    When it came to making the decision to change our website over bear in mind I’d been with the same company for over 10 years. So I had to find somebody I trusted, and I needed to make sure that everything ran smoothly, from the moment I spoke to the guys at Go Websites right to the end product. And I have to say the only way I can describe it was like getting on a train but being supported all the way along. They never deviated off any track. They set deadlines. They stuck to them. They spoke to us when they said, they returned emails when they said, and the end destination is truly fantastic.

    I’m not technical at all, give me the old fashioned pen and paper and I’m fine. But when it comes to anything technical, I need it doing for me and that’s what I like about Go Websites. If they use a little bit of technical jargon and I say I don’t understand, they explain it in a clear way that to be honest a 2-year-old could understand and the support that we get is fantastic.

    Like I say we are only a small business, there’s only 3 of us but we do need to keep attracting new clients. We have found an upturn in business to the fact that as we move on over the next few months we’ve actually got to consider taking on another member of staff. I can only put that down to the website because other than that we are doing nothing else different. I’d recommend them to everyone, in fact I’m actually going to recommend them to everyone I know that has a small business.

    David Vickers | TSL Holistic Centre

    David Vickers

    Managing Director, TSL Holistic Centre